The rat is back!

The stage is set: Pier 39 on Fisherman's Wharf, facing Alcatraz, San Francisco, 2010. With the help of the infamous Banksy, a rat digs his way out of a tunnel, right next to the Alcatraz Boat Tour station where tourists embark to visit the infamous prison island. Wearing yellow sunglasses giving him a rockstar-burglar look, the little rodent scans his surroundings, firmly grasping his shovel. He's out in the open. Finally.

It didn't take long for the city of San Francisco to catch the rat. Banksy's spray paint disappeared under layers of white painting. Destroyed. Forgotten. For years, the art community thought this iconic piece was lost. But the tricky little rat is back. The door has been sent to professional restoration facilities, where a team of art restorers patiently uncovered the original painting.

The lost Masterpiece has been saved from destruction. He has escaped Alcatraz, he has escaped oblivion. The clever Wharf Rat will now become NFTs, enter the Blockchain where he shall embody the will to freedom forever, displaying the crypto-community's core values of independency, resourcefulness and persistence.

Bids open in :


Welcome to Banksy's Wharf Rat NFT campaign's HQ!

Here you will be able to learn everything about the project, the origins of the piece, the timeline of events, how to get involved, and much much more!
Check out our on-boarding to get ready to participate in the campaign, join our Discord to get first dibs on news and get involved in the community before it turns into a DAO, and read our Medium and Mirror articles to learn more about the piece and the project.
We also detailed everything thoroughly in our FAQ right below, so make sure you have a read too. And if you need further help, you can contact us!

About the piece

At the center of this campaign is the previously lost masterpiece by Banksy, titled "The Wharf Rat".

The physical piece will be auctioned as a 1 of 1 with the first NFT. The artwork exists on a metal door with fascinating details, left in the same state than it was when the city of San Francisco covered the piece. The metal door has brochures from the art creation era at the back, and scuffs and rough marks of wear from being on the pier facing Alcatraz for so long.

The Masterpiece has been valued by a professional and independent appraiser of the American Society of Appraisal at $700,000+. Winning the auction will guarantee the transfer of the physical piece. On top of that, the 1 of 1 NFT brings more value. By owning the token, you will own the unique video shot in the preview, the official appraisal documents and provenance, the historical details and bits of hidden knowledge surrounding the piece, as well as a 3D LIDAR High Resolution scan of the piece to ensure that the piece is preserved forever.

Timeline of event




The campaign will start with the auction of the physical piece itself through an NFT.

On Day 1, the auction for the NFT of the "Wharf Rat" by Banksy begins. It will last for 72 hours, and is expected to bring considerable attention from the world and the NFT space to the piece. At the same time, we will open the purchase of the collectibles to the individuals that have been greenlisted. The greenlist purchase window will last for 24 hours.


CPAF logo


Center for the Pacific Asian Family is a charity committed to ending domestic and sexual violence in Asian Pacific Islander (API) communities by breaking through language, cultural, and institutional barriers. They have been active since 1978 and offer 5000 bed nights per year to families fleeing domestic violence.

Their actions range is very wide, from the crisis helpline and counseling management to an active Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) providing immediate assistance, advocacy, and support to survivors of sexual assault.

Miry's List logo

Miry's List

Miry's List is a movement of neighbors and friends dedicated to welcoming new arrival refugee families into a community through inspired crowdsourcing solutions. Their 12-month program starts by meeting each family in their home - typically a sparsely furnished or unfurnished apartment assigned by a resettlement agency.
They then work together with the family to create a list of items needed to turn their house into a home. With the help of volunteers, each family’s needs are turned into a shoppable online wishlist which they share broadly with a generous community of donors. Each family has unique needs - many with small children, elderly grandparents or members with disabilities.
Housewarming gifts are sent to families directly, and many include a gift message.


The Majority of the 333 collectibles available to purchase will be accessible for greenlisted people only, to mitigate gas war.
We will reserve a supply for the public sale, but given the demand on the presale, we think it is a better idea to offer more presale spots to ensure low gas fees and a broader distribution.
10% Of the supply will be kept for affiliates and sponsors to retribute people that helped bring this project to life.

Registration is now closed.


What is the timeline of events for the project?


There are three main drops to this campaign:

Day 1:

  • 1 of 1 Masterpiece Auction. The Auction for the Banksy "Wharf Rat" phygital piece opens. It will last for 72 hours.
  • The Greenlisted collectors for the Banksy Fragment NFTS will be able to purchase their reserved NFTs for 24 hours. (Access to the greenlist registration will close 24 hours before the auction drop of the 1 of 1 Wharf Rat.)
DAY 2:
  • The Public Sale for the Banksy Fragment NFTS starts. Anyone can participate in the public sale. The collectibles will be priced at 0.33 ETH each. Each fragment gives a voting right in the virtual Banksy's Wharf Rat governance DAO.
Day 3:
  • The Open Edition Banksy's Wharf Rat "Souvenirs" NFT opens. It will be open for purchase for 24 hours at a price of 0.033ETH. The auction will end with it.

When are the three drops happening?


Drop 1, (NFT 1 of 1 of Banksy's Wharf Rat) starts on Day 1 and lasts 72 hours.
Drop 2, (333 Wharf Rat Fragments NFT) begins at the same time than the 1/1 NFT for those on the green list, and 24 hours later (DAY 2) for the public sale, on Day 2.
Drop 3, (Open edition of the Wharf Rat Souvenir NFT) starts 48H after the opening of the first drop (DAY 3), on Day 3.

What is the utility of the 333 Wharf Rat collectibles? (Drop 2)


Collectible owners will have a governance vote by Snapshot on the Banksy Wharf Rat DAO, collectively governing the 3D NFT of Banksy's artwork and deciding of its future in the digital realm. Loaning it for a decentraland exhibition, donating it to charity, renting it, modifying it, selling it, you are now the guardians... The possibilities are endless.
You will also get access to a private Discord Channel with other priviledged collectoes of the 333, as well as some future partnerships with exciting projects by our Team Production Partners (green lists, airdrops, exclusive access, events... keep your eyes peeled)

Once Again, these collectibles will be associated with a TokenArt license guaranteeing members of the 333 Wharf Rats community that their decisions will be executed by the members, collectively holding the Gnosis Safe under penalty of law. The DAO members will also be able to elect new guarantors of the Gnosis Safe by choosing the most involved members.

Will we donate to charity?


Yes. We will be donating a sizeable amount of the primary sales revenue to Miry's List and CPAF. They are our Charity partners and a personal choice of the collector behind this campaign. We have equipped both charities to receive crypto as donations, and are helping them open up to this new world of Artivism, and its possibilities.
We will be transparent and communicate on our donations and the amounts throughout the unfolding of the project.

What is the utility of the open edition?


We wanted to let everyone have a chance to be part of this historical moment at an affordable price. By owning one of the Banksy Souvenirs, you will get access to another private salon in the Banksy DAO Discord, and will receive Alpha news to get involved in other projects from our Team's ecosystem.
You won't have governance power, but will forever be able to show off your Banksy NFT, and that you were part of this historical event.

Does the 1/1 NFT represent full ownership over Banksy's artwork?


Yes, and we are innovating in a big way on that topic! To ensure the legal binding of the 1/1 and the physical masterpiece, we have worked with TokenArt to ensure the legal framework is adequate and accurate. TokenArt provides NFT Phygital licenses through a dedicated smart contract that includes all the documentation, provenance as well as ownership transfer contracts. Their protocol is an NFT as well! This is a trailblazing innovation we are debuting, to help deliver new workflows for phygital Art tokenization, making them "Legal by Design".

Can I bid with dollars or my credit card?


Unfortunately, no. Since we are selling NFTs, bids are only accepted in the Ethereum currency. The good news is, Ethereum is the infrastructure of the Internet from the future (and the economy that goes with it. Web3, Metaverse, y'heard it)!
If you're not familiar with crypto or do not own any ETH yet, it's alright!
Please follow this link to see our guide on how to buy Ethereum and place a bid.

Where can I sell this NFT?


Since the NFTs will be deployed on Ethereum, they will be visible and tradeable on every platform that works with Ether.
You will be able to sell/buy all NFTs on secondary markets through Opensea, Rarible and others.

Can I buy on mobile?


The website will be available through Mobile and will redirect to Metamask Browser.
Whilst this is available, the experience won't be as stable and seamless as using our website on a computer.
For a smooth experience we recommend that you use the website on Desktop.

What about the licensing rights/ Intellectual property?


The Piece is an original Banksy masterpiece.
It has been appraised twice along the years, has provenance document, social proof (published books and pictures), as well as some other pieces of "expanded social proof".
As Banksy is anonymous and his works mostly reside in public spaces, the Intellectual Property rights, and the Copyright on the pieces are somewhat of a grey area.
Banksy repeatedly stated his aversion towards intellectual property laws and encouraged others to ‘steal and adapt’ his work.
According to a statement on Banksy’s website in 2010 (3 years after the filing of the “Flower Thrower” trademark) he did not produce any greeting cards, print-canvases, etc.
but encouraged others to take anything from his website and make their own. We are delivering this campaign by tying the NFTs to the physical piece, and to the virtual LIDAR 3D scan used for restoration.
We take a careful approach to maintaining the vision and philosophy of Banksy throughout our drop, and will continue to monitor the DAO detaining the virtual collectible fragments in the long run.

How to be greenlisted? If I am selected, how and when can I mint?


The greenlisted collectors will be chosen among the people who have registered according to secret criteria, and by random draw. Get involved, we'll give it back!
Access to the greenlist registration will be closed on December 16, 2021 at 10:00PM PST (12/16/2021 07:00AM Paris Time). We will announce more information on Discord, and you will be contacted by mail or discord if you are selected on the greenlist.
If you are on the collectible drop green list, you will be able to start minting as soon as the 1/1 auction launches, on day 1. This green list will last for 24 hours, and will be followed by the public sale of the remaining collectible fragments.


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